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Quality medical care remains very expensive in Uganda and according to the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (IRA) CEO Alhaj Kaddunabbi Ibrahim Lubega, there is urgent need for government to consider the National Health Insurance Scheme as a priority.

“There is a much bigger case for quality medicare; we all need to support the NHIS. The NHIS as passed by parliament has issues and in my opinion, it should go back to parliament so that our recommendations are taken care of” said Alhaj Kaddunabi.

He was speaking at the 13th Annual Rule of Law Symposium organized by the Uganda law society themed on “Effective remedies in advancing the right to health in Uganda”

It should be noted that on 31st March 202021, Members of Parliament passed the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) bill, which seeks to provide universal healthcare to all Ugandans.

The IRA still had some reservations about this bill by the time it was being passed given the fact that there was still an ongoing actuarial study undertaken by IRA which is a key outstanding issue that will largely affect universal enrollment of the population to the scheme.

The IRA and the insurance industry are in support of the fundamental principle of establishing the Scheme because it will safeguard families from financial hardships as a result of huge medical bills.

The Authority also believes that it’s important that the implementation of this Scheme takes matters of professionalism, technical design, affordability for the common person, total transparency (especially financially) and sustainability through reduced administration costs into consideration.

To ensure good implementation of this Scheme, there is need to identify and cluster people affected with minimum benchmarks set through development of regulations and guidelines.