18 Dec 2019


Students of the International University of East Africa (IUEA) have been encouraged to take Insurance as a career option.

The IRA Senior Communications Officer Ms. Mariam Nalunkuuma, told students that it was not too late for them to make a decision and join the insurance profession. “The employment opportunities in the insurance sector are many. With the Insurance Training College (ITC) in place, it offers a variety of short-term insurance courses to make a choice from,” Nalunkuuma said.

The students who turned up in large numbers were offering Business Administration, Procurement and Logistics Management, Economics and Human Resource Management among others. These exhibited thirst for information regarding insurance services, the benefits, operations, and available courses.

They raised several questions regarding the insurance sector, how it works, how one can get an insurance policy and how to tell a genuine insurance company from a quack one.

The interaction with the Authority officials provided responses to all their questions with most students considering insurance as a career.

The University representative, Mr. Maurice Otieno, requested the Authority to consider carrying out similar engagements on a regular basis with students in various universities.