28 Mar 2019

School Head teachers advised to take up insurance

Head teachers have been urged to take up insurance for school properties, staff and students to prepare for any eventual financial losses incurred.

Schools and educational institutions have suffered immense costs arising from losses occasioned by insurable risks in the past. Risks such as accidents, fires, among others, can be insured and hence relieve schools of such costs whilst saving resources for other priority investments such as expansion.

The Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (IRA), recently engaged head teachers from central region to understand and appreciate the unique risks their respective schools are exposed to. The Authority officials also shared with the head teachers the necessary and insurance solutions that are suitable for protection of their institutions.

The IRA Chief Executive Officer Alhaj Kaddunabbi Ibrahim Lubega advised the School Heads to creatively approach safety and security in schools and not take it as a legal or financial burden.

“A planned approach to managing risks should not be seen to prevent accidents and work related health problems to both staff and students but it should build a culture of sensible risk management, which is also linked to a curriculum where teaching young people can develop their capability to assess and manage risks,” Kaddunabbi said.

The Acting Director Planning, Market Research and Development, Mr. Sande Protazio added that all schools should have public liability insurance covers to protect themselves against any costs that may be incurred from lawsuits brought about by any member of the public who may be injured or lose property from within the school premises.

The Head teachers were advised to take up other policies like fire, All Risk Insurance, Group Personal Accident, Medical Insurance among others.